Community Grants

2024 Grants Round open July 22, 2024
Music For All welcomes opportunities to directly support or partner with community groups and organisations that are engaged in delivering projects and initiatives that bring, develop or sustain music-making, learning or participation to the communities in which they serve.

We consider applications from a range of groups including:

  • Schools and educational organisations
  • Universities*
  • Community music groups – choirs, bands etc
  • Organisations working in youth or social/community services
  • Allied health organisations
  • Organisations working in education with interests in music, arts or the creative sector
  • Community based creative sector organisations or enterprises
  • Philanthropic organisations where common interests are shared and a viable partnership can be established

*It would not be Music For All’s normal practice to support pure research activities, however, programs undertaken by universities that include implementable and practical music-making outcomes as either proof of concept or in a seeding arrangement would be considered.

Please be aware that:
  • We only support applications from within Australia
  • Your application will need to demonstrate support from with your community/organisation through referee statements
  • We do not fund retrospectively however we will consider supporting ongoing or expanding already established programs or activities
  • We prioritise applications to those most in need along with additional selection criteria (see below)
  • The process takes around three months from application to outcome notification

Before applying for a grant you’ll need to check our full eligibility criteria.

Community Grants


Even if you have applied before, please read the following pages carefully before you complete the application.

General Guidance & Eligibility Criteria
  • We do not fund retrospectively. Your organisation will not be eligible for financial assistance for activities that have already taken place
  • Music for All though will consider applications for the extension, development or implementation/delivery of new programs or activities undertaken by the applying organisation
  • Music for All will prioritise applications based on need
  • Music For Grants are not ongoing. They are ideally suited for activities that require seed or development funding
  • As funding is limited it is unlikely, we will be able to meet your funding request in full, so we strongly advise you also apply to other bodies for assistance.
  • Normally community grants are capped at $2000
  • Our Board will be reviewing your application. The process from application to grant approval can take up to three months
Selection criteria
  • Impact: How many musicians will the project create and support
  • Viability: Where the proposed program is new or developmental what is the likelihood of success and what are the key indicators of success  
  • Sustainability: Is the initiative, program or activity likely to be self-sustaining as Music For All funding is not on going
  • Stability: Considers the history of the organisation, its status (e.g., its formal structure/registration), leadership, evidence of community/sector support
  • Innovation: Does the application propose/offer any innovations.  Innovations can take many forms – musical, pedagogical, social impacts or simply that the initiative is to bring innovations, ideas and/or approaches available elsewhere into your community
  • Need: Demonstrated need

Online Application

Applications will only be considered using the Community Grant online form. Complete each section of this form in full, carefully and clearly, to ensure you have included everything that we have asked for.
To complete a SCHOOL or COMMUNITY application you will need:
  • Referee statement (school principal, parent body chair, community leaders, music leader from the community) this can be downloaded HERE
  • Bio/CV of the program leader
  • Meeting minutes (community group or school council) where the proposal was discussed and approved
  • Budget template which can be download HERE
  • Any relevant information about the school or community group that would enhance the application. This could include a Youtube or Vimeo link. Please provide access information if these are not publicly visible

If you have any queries that are not covered in these instructions or within the FAQ’s, please contact us before submitting at 

Application Agreements

Successful applicants: In the event of your application being successful you agree that:

  • You will provide relevant digital pictures, a written quotation of other evidence of your grant which can (may) be used in our marketing materials.
  • You will be required to complete grant feedback regarding the outcomes and impact of your grant.

Returning applicants: If you have applied before and have been successful, you are required to wait one year from your initial application before you are able to re-apply.

Unsuccessful Applicants: No correspondence other than the advice provided in the Notice of an Unsuccessful Application will be entered.  The advice provided in the notification will indicate that a future application will be considered or not.

Community Grants

Information Statement

Music for All process your personal data as defined by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018) and outlined for the purposes of:


Consideration of any application for a grant or bursary from Music for All, including an investigation to establish that the criteria for an award are met, whether it relates to you personally, the person on whose behalf you are applying or your organisation

  • Administering the activities of Music for All.
  • Achieving the charitable objectives of Music for All.
  • Transferring your personal data between companies within Music for All and to other organisations connected with the grant and bursary award process.
  • Fundraising.
  • Undertaking promotional events and activities and transferring your personal data to organisations assisting us with any such event or activity.
  • Undertaking the marketing of Music for All’s aims, which may include marketing to you using telephone and electronic mail services.

Music for All shall process relevant sensitive personal data (as defined by GDPR 2018) in relation to your involvement with Music for All and, in relation to any application for a grant or bursary you may make within the principles of GDPR 2018. Processing of personal data may continue following any decision in respect of any application for a grant or bursary.

If you supply any visual image or sound recording to Music for All, or Music for All obtains such image or recording by other means, this image or recording may be used for Music for All’s marketing, promotional or fund-raising activities.

Music for All does not sell your personal data to other organisations

The transfer of some personal data to a third party may be required to complete a successful grant.  For example, your name and contact details being provided to an instrument retail or music school/teacher as part of the grant.

You may request that Music for All cease using your personal data for marketing, promotional or fundraising purposes.

Please write to with your request.

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