Music for All Supports Mission Australia with Instruments.

Thanks to the support of Australasian Music Supplies, a long-standing supplier of fine instruments, Music for All was able to make a donation to the Mission Australia Inner City Brisbane Services to allow a music lessons program to develop among principally homeless men.

“Not only will he be able to provide musical instruction (either one on one or in groups) but will be able to tailor sessions to aim at improving mental health as well!” said Duane Cavanagh the activities coordinator at Mission Australia. The service has retained a wonderful young man who has extensive experience with our client cohort and in musical tuition”.

The “Jam Sessions” is a Mission Australia (MAIBS) initiative that provides small to mid-size client communities with a quality on-site Musical Engagement and Tuition program and professional development for staff. The program utilizes music to create opportunities for human connection to homeless and disadvantaged communities through workshops, events, and one-on-one musical instruction.

Music for All was pleased to able to provide Acoustic guitars, Ukuleles, Maracas, Bongos and Tambourines to resource this teacher appointment and hopefully ensure the program’s success.


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