The Charity

Our aim has always been to encourage and support Australians to become creators and makers of music with the goal of having them experience the life-changing benefits that active music making can bring.

About Us

Music For All (Australia) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation, operated by Soundhouse Music Alliance, a deductible gift recipient (DGR) status charity, which has operated over a 30-year period. Its aim has always been to encourage and support Australians to become creators and makers of music with the goal of having them experience the life-changing benefits that active music-making can bring.

Many key partnerships with schools and cultural organisations, state education authorities and specific provider groups have been forged over this period to broaden the range of programs supported through this organisation.

Examples of Music For All work and activities include:
  • Supporting the rollout of the Musical Futures program, which was also supported by the Australian Music Association (AMA) and the NAMM Foundation grant program. This was done in conjunction with participating schools and state education authorities throughout Australia
  • Establishing a small grants program that has enabled access to music making through a combination of individual donations and project grants. It focuses on those with limited or challenged access to music making.

  • Updating the Soundhouse Special Access Kit used to assist children with disability to actively engage in music-making
Music For All is operated by Soundhouse Music Alliance – our Board is always keen to develop new relationships, identify new projects and create innovative and sustainable activities that achieves its mission To enrich the lives of the Australian community through music making and participation.

Since 2017, (when operating as the Soundhouse Music Alliance) the relation between Music for All and the Australian Music Association was further strengthened through an agreement that Music For all  became the preferred charity of the AMA thus formalising the generous support already provided by the Australian music products industry.

Through donations and grant giving activities Music For All will support projects and fund quality initiatives.

Music For All through its fundraising and grant-giving activities:
  • Promotes the life-changing benefits of music-making
  • Donates instruments and music tuition to individuals who need our help to express themselves musically
  • Partners with other music, educational, social, allied health, community or philanthropic organisations to develop (or create) sustainable active music-making programs throughout Australia
  • Supports the musical needs of community music groups and educational organisations
  • Provides opportunities for Australians of all ages, from all backgrounds and across all locations to learn musical skills and be active music makers
Music For All

A Brief History

The Soundhouse Music Alliance which operates Music for All is a not-for-profit organisation, with DGR tax-deductible status, which has grown over a 30 year period

From humble beginnings based on the establishment of the Alfred Brash SoundHouse at the Arts Centre, Melbourne. Its aim was to help schools, teachers, community members and musicians alike make the best use of the emerging music technologies, and thus become creators of music rather than passive consumers.

The Soundhouse Music Alliance has in 2021 taken new steps to be a charity that remains true to its historical roots and mission while finding new ways to further that mission. With this in mind the Alliance has re-branded its activities under this new Music for All charity, one which makes grants to worthy programs and individuals as well as continuing in the development and support of programs to improve access to music making and music education, the Special Access Kit being a prime example.

These programs all require support, so Music for All seeks and receives this support through numbers of channels.

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