We are delighted to be supported by a diverse range of individuals, sponsors and ambassadors. A love of music covers every area of society and our supporters bring an extensive range of skills and a strong belief that making music should be accessible to all. Their support helps Music for All deliver of its goal of creating more music making opportunities for all Australians, opportunities that benefits individuals and communities alike.

Our Patrons

Music For All patrons includes two well-known and respected music people. One a professional musician and respected educator, who has experienced first-hand the benefits of music-making and has contributed to programs that support and enable learning and educational development and the other honouring the heritage of the charity’s founder. Music For All is extremely fortunate to have their support of our mission in bringing music-making to all Australians regardless of their circumstances.


Music For All ambassadors include well-known professional musicians, respected educators as well as public figures who have experienced first-hand the benefits of music making or who have observed how music making supports and enables learning and educational development, personal development, social skills and social and community engagement, health and well-being outcomes and more.

Music For All is extremely fortunate to have their support, they generously give their time to support our mission in bringing music making to all Australians regardless of their circumstances.

Sponsors & Partners

The support of our sponsors allows Music for All to provide such an extensive and wide-ranging programme of grants and awards and we are very grateful for all their support.

There are many ways and many possibilities to assist the activities of Music For All.  Everyday someone, somewhere in Australia could benefit from the opportunities provided by the making, creating and sharing of music.

You could join Yamaha Music Australia, Roland Corporation, Cole Clark Guitars, Concept Music & Ozwinds as well as our generous donors in helping us get instruments to those in need of them

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“The AMA is a non-profit industry association supporting the music trades with a mission of creating more music makers. Music for All is the music products industry charity under a current understanding and the AMA provides regular support to Music for All with shared resources. Its members also support the activities of Music for All.”

– AMA (Australian Music Association)

“A big thank you to Pressroom Philanthropy for all their fine work on our website and communications.”

– Pressroom Philanthropy

“The Phil Taylor Foundation has been instrumental in getting our small grants program to fruition with generous donations and advice”.

– Phil Taylor Foundation
Life-changing Benefits

Keeps You Healthy!

Music is increasingly used to enhance the quality of our lives. Research indicates that making music leads to improvements in general health and improvements in some specific health related conditions.
Music can help in many ways:
In the work place and leisure time

Studies have shown that making music is a great source of stress relief, it can reduce burnout, enhance mood and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.  Recent research has found that learning a wind instrument can significantly improve the symptoms of health issues like, asthma.

In Schools

The skills learnt in making music may help in other areas of school life: better concentration, increased creativity, self esteem and self discipline. Also, children who receive music lessons have shown improved social skills, greater self-reliance and more positive attitudes.


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