Round 2 Grants Close 24 June, 2022

The Soundhouse Music Alliance, a music charity with a thirty year heritage, established a new charity project in 2021 that remains true to its historical roots and mission, while finding new ways to further that mission. Music for All Australia, through its fund-raising, will enable access to music making through a combination of individual donations, project grants, networking and through the provision of expert advice. It will focus on those with limited access to music making.

Music for All’s aim is to encourage and support the Australian community to become creators of music, by providing opportunities to access the life-changing benefits of active music making.

Music for all is excited to announce the opening of our next round of 2022 Grants. These grants are designed to:

•            Provided opportunities for people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and across all locations, to learn musical skills and be active music makers

•            Support the musical needs of community music groups and educational organisations

•            Donate instruments and music tuition to individuals who need our help to express themselves musically

•            Promote the life-changing benefits of music making

There are currently 2 grants on offer: grants for the induvial and grants for community groups and schools.

We were proud to recently award Musical equipment in early 2022 to people like the great story at Burnside College. The school is in a low socioeconomic region, and had a brass program operating with the support of the Salvation Army. Their successful application for the Music For All grant enabled them to add woodwind, forming a junior concert band.

Music for All Chairman, Adrian Alexander had the pleasure of listening to the students perform on their new instruments and witnessing their pride and enjoyment. The school has strong ties to the local high school, and music teacher Liz Druitt outlined how students starting in grade 4 will have the opportunity to maintain their music learning right through to senior high school.

Applications can be made via the Music for All website

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